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Online Banking Spending Report

The Spending Report in Online Banking is an easy-to-understand personal financial management (PFM) tool that provides you with a snapshot of your spending activity. With the click of a button, transactions display in various categories in a colorful pie chart, enabling you to see at a glance how you spend your money (Mortgage, Household Expenses, Utilities, etc.).

  • Chart spending using the standard current transaction history (typically 90 days or less) with standard transaction descriptions displayed by RO.
  • Chart spending using the “All Transactions” feature which provides up to 18 months of transaction history and allows you to modify the transaction descriptions and reassign them to the category of your choice for a more personal application of the Spending Report.




Tailoring the Spending Report

You can tailor the Spending Report descriptions and categories that were assigned to the transactions to help you better understand where your income and expenses are from.

To tailor the Spending Report categories and descriptions

  1. In the Activity Details section, click the Change icon just to the right of the transaction you want to tailor. The Description text box and the Category drop-down list display.


  1. Edit the Description, as desired.
  1. Select a value from the Category drop-down list, as desired.
  2. To reverse the changes made before saving them, click on the reverse arrow icon to the right of the Category field.


  1. Click the Save icon next to the Category field. The Description and Category updates are saved to the extended history database for the transaction.
  2. To view the Spending Report for the period of activity displayed, click the Report button at the top of the page. A revised pie chart displays, based on the transaction description and category assignment changes saved by the user.